Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Supporting NCEC 2022 will provide an opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s support for and alignment with Catholic education, promote your organisation, products and services, and maintain a high profile within Catholic education nationally.

Partnership opportunities

A wide variety of partnership and exhibition opportunities have been designed for NCEC 2022, each containing benefits that will ensure your organisation receives maximum exposure. The organisers are happy to provide exclusive sponsorship to organisations upon request.

  • Principal Partner ($100,000 – Two only)
  • Platinum Sponsor ($50,000 – Four only)
  • Gold Sponsor ($25,000 – Six only)
  • Associate Sponsor ($12,500 – Unlimited)
  • Welcome to Melbourne Reception Sponsor ($9,900 – Exclusive)
  • Concurrent Session Sponsor ($4,000 per session – Unlimited)
  • NCEC 2022 App Sponsor ($9,900 – Exclusive)
  • Delegate Name Badge and Lanyard Sponsor ($9,900 – Exclusive)
  • Portable Device Charging Station Sponsor ($3,500 – Two only)
  • Café Lounge Sponsor ($20,000 – Exclusive)
  • Coffee Cart Sponsor ($9,900 per station for conference duration – Four only)
  • Fresh Fruit and Juice Bar Sponsor ($15,000 for conference duration – Exclusive)
  • Branded Re-usable Cup Sponsor ($8,800 – Exclusive)
  • Catering Sponsor ($4,400 per day)
  • Exhibition Opportunities ($4,400 – Limited number).

All sponsorship and exhibition costs are inclusive of the 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).For further details please contact Encanta Event Management on 03 9863 7606 or info@encanta.com.au.

Commitment to sustainability

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and the National Catholic Education Commission are working to ensure students are inspired by authentic learning experiences to want to create a more sustainable world.

Guided by Laudato si’, Pope Francis’ encyclical On Care for Our Common Home, we are making NCEC 2022 a practical and visible application of our commitment to change. Consideration has been given to the social and environmental impact of all aspects of this conference. Access to the program and resources will be provided through an online platform for smart devices. We have sought out suppliers whose practices align with our principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment is drawn from a belief that we are all called by God to be custodians of our common home and to treat it with respect. As Catholics, we believe that living a just and sustainable life, and calling others to follow that example, is our responsibility as stewards of creation.

Commitment to slavery-free purchasing

Every person should realise that ‘purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act’ (Pope Benedict XVI, quoted in Pope Francis’ message for the 2015 World Day of Peace).

In response to strong leadership from the Pope, and to the Australian Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2018, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and the National Catholic Education Commission are working to help eradicate child labour, forced labour and human trafficking. We are committed to a conference that embraces ethical purchasing and ensures products, and supply and distribution chains are slavery-free.

It is estimated that over 40 million people globally are trapped in slavery or slavery-like conditions. One in four of them is a child. Many of the products we buy come from producers who use child labour and forced labour, often involving trafficked children and adults. If these workers are not slaves, they live and work in slavery-like conditions – often unsanitary and dangerous, for less than the minimum wage.

We have sought to make NCEC 2022 slavery-free as far as we can at this stage of our journey.

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